Marshville, NC

Heartland of the Carolinas
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The Marshville Planning Board is tasked with the responsibility of items such as making recommendations to the Town Council on amendments to the Land Use Plan and Land Use Ordinance, new development requests, and applications for rezoning of property. All property within the town limits and within the boundaries of the Town of Marshville falls under the purview of the Planning Board.

The Marshville Board of Adjustment, a quasi-judicial board appointed by the Marshville Town Council, meets as needed and makes decisions on items such as variances and special use permits. 

The Planning Board meets the second Monday of each month at the Marshville Town Hall at 7:00pm. These are public meetings and all members of the community are welcome to attend.

Planning Board Members:  

  • Fred Burton                                           
  • Susan Drake
  • Sue Helms
  • Frances Griffin
  • Rusty Johnson
  • Mark Traywick
  • Brian Weber
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