Marshville, NC

Heartland of the Carolinas
Photo montage: children holding hands and running through a field, bales of hay on farmland, a young couple with a baby in the park, the sun shining on a field of wheat

Town Manager, Scott Howard

The Town Manager is appointed by the Town Council, serves as Chief Administrative Officer of the Town and is responsible for carrying out the polices of the Town and Ordinances adopted by the Town Council. As Chief Administrative Officer, the Town Manager is empowered to make all personnel appointments, supervise the work of all Town departments, supervise preparation of the annual operating budget for Council approval, and conduct the day-to-day business of the Town. The Town Manager attends all meetings of the Town Council and is responsible for making recommendations to the Town Board as they may deem necessary or expedient for the benefit of the public.  The Town Manager reports to the Council about the affairs of the Town and keeps the Board fully advised of the Town’s financial condition and future financial needs.  The Town Manager’s office is located in Town Hall.
Scott Howard, Town Manager
 (704) 624-2515


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