Marshville, NC

Heartland of the Carolinas
Photo montage: children holding hands and running through a field, bales of hay on farmland, a young couple with a baby in the park, the sun shining on a field of wheat

The primary function of the Planning Department is to provide assistance and direction to property owners, residents, administration and elected or appointed officials regarding the development and use of land. Long-range visions, including goals and policies on how the community as a whole should grow, are proposed by Planning staff and adopted by the Town Council. From initial stages of policy-making to enforcement of local rules on individual properties, the Planning Department is available to explain procedures and development concepts to developers and citizens.

The Planning office receives calls and visitors daily asking about existing zoning, potential new development, Town code regulations, and nuisance property. Questions range from whether a storage building can be added to a lot, how to divide and sell land, and many other issues.

Along with answering these questions, the Planning Department prepares background data on proposed zoning changes, looks at site plans to see that buildings and parking lots are properly placed and landscape plantings are adequate. In addition the Town Planner investigates complaints about possible Town code violations, works with the Town Engineer and other Town staff members to assure development meets Town requirements and makes routine inspections of construction sites for possible violations.

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