Marshville, NC

Heartland of the Carolinas
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Marshville Police Department

The Marshville Police Department is tasked with protecting the rights of all persons, within its’ jurisdiction to be free from criminal attack, to be secure in their possessions, and to live in peace. The department serves the people of Marshville by performing law enforcement functions in a professional manner, as it is to the people of the Town that the department is ultimately responsible.

The Police Department currently consists of eight full time officers and five auxilliary officers.
Marshville consistently has one of the highest clearance rates in Union County.

Mission Statement
To improve the quality of life of the Citizens of Marshville by Preserving Life; Enhancing Safety; Protecting Property; and by Preventing, Detecting and Solving Crime.

Core Values
Safety:The safety of the citizens, visitors and employees of the Town of Marshville is paramount, and shall be given the highest priority. 

Marshville Police Officers shall conduct themselves in accordance with the highest professional standards and abide by the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics

 Marshville Police Officers shall diligently work to resolve any police issue at the first opportunity and shall take appropriate action in every case.  Officers shall provide access to all resources available to help resolve any issue.

 Marshville Police Officers shall respect the constitutional rights of all to Liberty, Equality and Justice.

Marshville Police Officers shall maintain the public trust and be ever mindful to limit unnecessary expenditure of public funds.
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