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Garbage & Recycling Schedule

Garbage and Trash Collection - Garbage pickup is scheduled once a week on Wednesday


Household Garbage - all garbage must be bagged and placed in the 96 gallon container. Container should be placed at an accessible location beside the street before 7AM on pickup day.

DO NOT place grass clippings, garden waste, medical waste, construction and building materials, auto parts or hazardous waste in your garbage cart.

Bulk items that DO NOT fit in the container will be picked up by a different truck on Wednesday. These include furniture, mattresses/box springs, stoves, ovens, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washers, dryers, air conditioners, trash compactors, hot water heaters, chairs, sofas, bagged trash and other bulky items.

We do not pick up antifreeze, batteries, tires, electronics, automobile parts, paints and liquids or pool chemicals. These items must be taken to the Union County Landfill.

Leaf Collection: Leaves must be bagged up in a clear plastic bag or brown paper, biodegradable bag and placed beside the road no later than 7am for the garbage service to pick up on Wednesday from April 1 - October 31. Loose leaf pickup is available from November 1 - March 31, leaves should be placed beside the road for pickup on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Lot Clearing: Contractor must dispose of all material from any lot or land clearing operation

Yard Waste - Tree limbs, brush and shrub trimmings must be piled at the curb before 7:00AM and must be free of other debris for Thursday or Friday pickup. Limbs must be 6" or less in diameter and 4' or less in length.

Loose yard waste such as pinecones, straw and vines must be put in clear bags and placed by the roadside before 7:00AM for Wednesday pickup.

It shall be the duty of the property owner or contractor to dispose of debris resulting from the construction, remodeling, demolition or repair of buildings. No material from land clearing will be picked up.

Yard waste will not be picked up from vacant lots or abandoned structures.

Recycling - Recycle cans are available for $3.37/month by calling Town Hall. Pick up is scheduled every other Thursday. All recyclables must be placed in the 96 gallon container and placed at an accessible location beside the street before 7AM on pickup day. Recyclable information is shown on the solid waste schedule.

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