Marshville, NC

Heartland of the Carolinas
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Public Works Director,

Public Works maintains over forty miles of water line and twenty-two miles of sewer lines. Public Works personnel also maintain over twelve miles of streets. Marshville citizens are saved thousands of dollars each year as the public works department often constructs water and sewer lines instead of outsourcing the job on projects that are not time-sensitive.

The Public Works Department is comprised of six employees who maintain town streets, water, sewer and related infrastructure concerns and public buildings.


Water Quality Preventative Maintenance Program

As a part of our regular maintenance program, our water provider, Anson County, will be switching from a chloramine water treatment process to a free chlorine treatment process beginning February 23, 2015 through March 22, 2015. The chlorine treatment process is the same process that Anson County used to treat our water prior to 2007.  Customers should be reassured that water remains safe for drinking, bathing, cooking and general uses. You may see utility crews performing flushing operations at hydrants during this time to fully disperse water throughout the system. Customers may notice fluctuations in water pressure or cloudiness in the water during times of flushing. We appreciate your understanding as we continue to provide you with a better service. Please click the heading above for more details regarding this project.
Each year, the Town of Marshville provides its customers with an Annual Water Quality Report to let them know how our water quality stacks up against established federal and state drinking water standards. We encourage you to review this report as it provides details about the source and quality of the drinking water delivered to your community.
In an effort to be more environmentally responsible, we are no longer printing these reports. If you wish to have a paper copy, you can print one directly from this site, or you may request a printed version by contacting our staff at 704-624-2515.
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