Marshville, NC

Heartland of the Carolinas
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Elected Officials

The Elected Officials of Marshville, including the Mayor and five Town Council Members, are elected in non-partisan, at-large municipal elections.  Voting is open to registered voters living within the incorporated limits of Marshville.  The Mayor is elected by the people and serves a two year term.  Town Council Members serve staggered, four years terms. 

Marshville uses the "Council-Manager" form of government.  The governing board, known in Marshville as the Town Council, serves as the legislative body for the town.   The Town Manager serves as the administrative body for the town. 

Town Council has vested the responsibility for oversight of all the departments of local government to the Town Manager and the Department Heads.  Ultimately the Town Council, acting as a body, by affirmative vote of the majority of Council Members, must approve all action to be taken, all contracts or agreements between the town and other parties, and policies, ordinances and rules having effect on the citizens of the town, as authorized by the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina. 

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